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    • Quality and Certification Quality and Certification

      From the early engineering stages during the product-development Bluesky s world class RD department ...

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    • After Sale Service After Sale Service

      Statement of warranty Bluesky Indoor and Outdoor lighting products 3 years quality guarantee and life...

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    • About Orders for FAQS About Orders for FAQS

      Can I specify a future delivery date? yes, you can specify a future delivery date. Please contact us....

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    • Why Choose Bluesky? Why Choose Bluesky?

      19 years of traditional manufacturing experience...

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    • Sales Tools Sales Tools

      Bluesky equips you with sales kits, counter tops and store displays to assist you in selling the prod...

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    • Benchmark Reports Benchmark Reports

      Benchmark reports are available upon request. Please send us your request using our Contact Form ....

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    • R&D Team R&D Team

      BLUESKY RD center has a young and experienced RD team, with total 34 college leverl scientific and te...

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    • LED Terminology LED Terminology

      Beam angle The beam angle refers to how focused the light is when emitted from the LED. This angle is...

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